Have we forgotten to smile as often as we used to do earlier? Do we genuinely smile nowadays? All of us seem to carry a scowl on our face rather than a smile.

When were you last time you had a hearty laugh? Ask yourself this question and you will be surprised at the answers. We have as a generation forgotten the benefits of a good smile and have over the years tried to maintain a stern look on our face in order to look more in control and present the professional face to the world.

A good honest smile slowly lights up your face and spreads its magic in your twinkling eyes. Look at the mirror when you smile and your will see your eyes lit up. We have forgotten to smile at our loved ones, our neighbors, friends, colleagues and strangers. Smile is an infectious emotion and when you see a smiling face around your natural instinct is to smile back.

The world would be a much better place if we can spread the smile across as the face that does will never get angry. So how does one start spreading this unique and loving message across the world?

Let us start with ourselves. As soon as you wake up look at the mirror and give yourself a warm and happy smile and then the spread it around with your loved ones, your neighbors and colleagues. Once you have mastered to do it daily try to spread it among strangers. You could be taking the public transport to the office. Try smiling at people who you see daily at such places.

You will be surprised at the magic of your smile. People who had hardly acknowledged your presence all these months will suddenly turn friendly. Slowly a chain reaction will start where everyone you meet greets you with a smile and the scowl is totally forgotten.

On an average we could smile at 10-20 people every day. These 10-20 people could meet a further 100-200 and this chain of smile will continue unbroken.

Imagine our world connected through this wonderful emotion. So what are we waiting for, let’s start today. Spread a smile and spread happiness 🙂